Bender Wellness
Authentic Discoveries into Self Care, Resiliency and Nurturing Connections

Connect Through Touch, Gain Traction; Discover Authentic Opportunities to Promote Sound Body, Mind and Heart with Yourself, and in Pairs and Families

Mentorship for Integration; Resilient Balanced Mindset for Mental Health & Fitness, Strength and Esteem

Self Care Therapies; Trapeze Traction and Inversion Therapy, MAHA Movement, Spine & Posture Awareness, Mind & Breath Relationship


Build quality habits and share quality time with yourself and loved ones.

"To know One Life has breathed easier..." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your purpose is to dwell in a place of inspiration. To live, lead, serve and show up with a sense of joy and inspiration with everything you do.



Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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